Diamond K Goats

A small family farm specializing in goats with personality

The Goats

We own a small herd of 18 goats.  There is a mixture of dairy goats( La Mancha/Nubian), meat goats( Boer crosses), Nigerian Dwarfs and Long coated fainting goats.  The babies are sold for pets and breeding stock.  Kids can usually leave here at 1 month old (bottle fed) and are dis-budded before they leave. Prices range from $65.00 to $200.00. A discount is offered for 4-H & FFA.

The goat pictured below is Diamond K's Sweet as Sugar aka  sugar.


Fainting Goats

We have a lot of long haired Fainting goats.  Buster is a 50% Fainter /Boer cross. He is VERY hairy and solid as a rock. He is a polled.  His picture is below. Sophie (with horns) is a dairy breed, but has produced very long coated kids. Her kids will be 50% fainters.


Do these goats really faint? No, they have a condition called Myotonic. When startled or freightened they stiffen and fall over. This usually lasts for about 10 or 15 seconds and the goat is not harmed. These goats have been know to "faint" at 50% and 75%.  Sheep farmers used fainting goats as decoys for predators and just about wiped out the breed. When a preidator would come after the sheep, the goat would faint and the goat was killed instead of the sheep. The breed is well on its way to a full recovery.These goats range in price from $125.00 to $200.00.





Nigerian Dwarf

Nigerian Dwarf goats are minature dairy goats. They stay very small and produce about a quart of milk a day. (unlike their larger conterparts who produce up to one gallon a day). We no longer have a buck, so all Nigerian Dwarf babies will be crossed with Fainting goats.

These goats sell for $65.00 to $85.00.


Dairy & Meat

These goats are bigger than the other goats we sell. They are all dairy and meat goat crosses. These goats are sold as pets or milkers. We no longer have our large meat buck, so all of these babies will be Fainter crosses.

These goats sell for $65.00 to $85.00. 

IN MEMORY **  R.I.P.  **

Gigi-British Alpine 2009

Barbie-Alpine/Boer 2009

Gidgit-Alpine/Boer 2009 (9 mo.)

Ginger-American Nubian 2009 (age 14)



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