Diamond K Goats

A small family farm specializing in goats with personality

  Meet our Dogs                                     

When you live on a farm, you need a good dog or two. Dogs come in very handy in moving and guarding the herd. The best dogs for this job are some kind of herding dog. We have always had Aussie's or crosses. They seem to work the best with the goats.

Louise  aka Weasle....R.I.P.  November 2012

Weasle, stink bisquit, weasle-lot-ta, neo-neo-notty, stinklet and sometimes Louise. Weasle is a rescue dog. She is a Border Collie/Aussie cross. She is tri colored with brown eyes. When we got her, she was afraid to herd anything because she thought she would get in trouble. Not any more. She has come into her own in the last 7 years. She is AWESOME with the baby goats, just like our other Aussie was. She loves the babies! She is also a BIG help moving the goats. Its so cool watching her work! I love this dog she is AWESOME!








Lucy aka Goosie  (pictures updated 5-09)

The goose is on the loose! When you hear that, you better watch out!! That means Lucy is coming through and she never does anything slow. This dog is a non-stop bundle of engery. She's just a puppy but has already learned a lot about the goats and basic manners. She was rescued from the Gulf Coast Humane Society and was born on Christmas day. She is a Catahoula Lepoard/Aussie cross. She is a golden tan color with dark brown spots and blue marbled eyes. We let her "play" with the baby goats because this is the best way for her to bond with them. She already follows her big sister Weasle in keeping the big goats off the fence and when you can't find her outside, just look by the goats because thats where she will be. She is going to work out great as a herding dog and the newest member of the family! 










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